January 18, 2018

DOCOMO gets real, joins KT to Launch Cross-border NFC Services

Now that it is clear the planet is NOT going to adopt Japanese FeliCa technology for near field communication, Japan’s biggest mobile player has announced plans to integrate payment services along foreign-developed NFC standards. The announcement comes from NTT DoCoMo regarding is agreement with KT Corp, the leading South Korean telecom, operator to develop cross-border services for mobile payments, mass-transit ticketing, promotional coupons, etc., which they will launch in their respective markets of Japan and South Korea from around the end of 2012. The two companies say they are developing NFC common specifications that will be incorporated in devices, networks and billing platforms for seamlessly connected mobile NFC services for customers traveling between South Korea and Japan. Ah, if only the world had gone the Japanese way, we would all be shopping with our phones by now…

Check out the release here.