January 18, 2018

Quake Update: Wi2 Offers 13,000 Free Public Hotspots

In the wake of Japan’s March 11 quake, Japan’s biggest public wifi hotspot provider Wire and Wireless (Wi2) is offering its hotspots free of charge. Wi2 provides 13,000 hotspots across Japan in train stations, airports, McDonald’s, as well as hotels, restaurants, airport limousines, express buses, and other public areas. Users can get access to the network using SSID “Wi2,” but should be aware that there may be service interruptions as a result of scheduled power outages by TEPCO.

Wi2 began offering free wifi access on March 12, the day after the quake.

Bravo to Wi2!

Wi2 unlimited wifi access charges are usually 380 yen per month, with one-time only plans starting at 350 yen for 6 hours use, and no sign-up fee.